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Vortex Horuseus 100MSA is Neo's beyblade in Beyblade: Kenjutsu Vortex! He evolves from Kenjutsu Phoniex 100 MSA. He is also left-spinning.

Face Bolt: HoruseusEdit

Blue Horsues face bolt.

Energy Ring: Horuseus IIEdit

Horuseus II is blue, and can change modes. In Kenjutsu Vortex, which mode determines wether Vortex will createt a vacum, or change the air current. It is also a left spinning energy ring.

Fusion Wheel: VortexEdit

An experimental version of Kenjustsu that dosen't always work, due to it being experimental. However, it can make a vacum, or change the air current, depending on Horuseus II. It is also a left spinning fusion wheel.


Blue 100 spin track.

Performance tip: MSAEdit

Blue metal sharp attack.


Looks like normal horusues, except blue in color, and holds a naganata instead of a staff.

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