Niten Musashi W100MF is Dolphin's bey in Beyblade: Ultimate Samurai, and the evolved form of Blade Samurai 100MF. He has the spirit of the ancient samurai Miyamoto Musashi within him.

Face Bolt: MusashiEdit

A dark Blue metal face bolt depicting Miyamoto Musashi.

Energy Ring: Musashi Edit

Dark Blue Striker 2 ring.

Fusion Wheel: NitenEdit

Niten is a fusion wheel with two wing like areas used for attacking, that are similar to the kitana and wakizahi combination used by the form of kenjutsu created by Musashi, the Niten Ichi Ryu The one on this bey is Dark Blue.

Spin Track: Wing 100Edit

Dark Blue. Similar to W105, but with a 100 height.

Performance Tip: Metal FlatEdit

Dark Blue Metal Flat.

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