Mira in BeyBlade 4D
Mira Irean Annabeth is an Egyptian girl who owns a Burn Leona and has a passionate history


She wears a Egyptian cotten vest with a gold shirt that has a red streak across the stomach. She has light brown hair with orange bangs. Her shorts are tan and her shoes are green and light orange alone with indigo fingerless gloves, under her lavender eye (left) she has orange face paint. her right eye is also lavender but she keeps it hiden due to a scar.


Mira is a hot head who fights like the lion on the Savanna all stelth and no sound when she is fineshed wtih her opponetes and walks away.


Mira's history is hard and rough for her...

6 years: She was abandoned while out on a trail by Nile river with her mother and sister when the lionessed came and they slaughtered her family in one blow she was terrified so ran into the river so she could hide and on her way out a hand was extended out to her it was a child the same age as her.

Mira: Exsuse me but what is your name and thank you...

Boy: Nile.

Mira: Hey you share the same name as the river!

Nile: yeah i guess so

Mira: So what are you doing out all alone?

she asked him

Nile: I don't have a family my mom died while is was smaller

a giggle esaped mira's lips

Mira: I just saw my mom and my sister get killed

a tear droped down her eye

Nile: Mira i'm so sorry

he pulles her into a hug and she blushes like mad

Nile: i won't let any thing hapend to you i promise

Mira: Thank you Nile

14 years: Mira and Nile both left There country after the chamionships were over and moved to Metal Bey City they spend more time with there new found friends....

Mira: Hey Nile

a smile grows on his face

Nile: yes Mira?

Mira: I wanna battle with Kyoyo and Ginji come on i want you come join me

she grabes his hand and runs to BeyPark

Niles' thoughts * Wow she really is pumped *

~after being defeated~

Mira: Thank you Ginji, Kyoyo. Come on Nile i'm hungry

Nile: sure thing...