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Appearance Edit

Lindsey has long blond hair, light skin And blue eyes. Her Attire: Lindsey wears a short blue Shirt, blue jeans, black gloves and white and Blue sneakers.

Bey Edit

Lindsey's bey is Waterfall Aquario(there are more Aquarios...). She first met Aquario Near a waterfall, she saw something shiny She tried to grab it inside the rock inside the waterfall. Aqurio's special move is 'waterspout blaster'. Lindsey and Aqurio are the 4th weakest legends blader and bey.

History (Lindsey) Edit

Lindsey best friend is Tania Vo From Battle City. So again, Lindsey met Aqurio in a waterfall rock.

In Beyblade Metal Championships, Lindsey competes In the world championships Tournament in Battle City, She first faces off with Kenta(it was a tie...). She didn't make it to the finals(she lost in the semi finals Against Yu Tendo.

Aqurio(types) Edit

Waterfall Aqurio(main bey)

Aqua Aqurio

Hydro Aqurio

Rock Aqurio