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Kodi Wiriamu is one of the world's best Beybladers.


Kodi has chocolate brown hair, with blue-green eyes, and wears a long blue jacket and navy tracksuit pants and black designer sneakers. He wears sunglasses, has an Angle Compass for precision aiming and a Power Launcher.



Kodi is serious when in battle and shows no mercy to his opponent, but outside the Bey Arena, he still trains endlessly, but still has time for a bit of fun with his friends and team. He has a friendly rivalry with Kairu Hitochi. He sometimes injures himself when training too hard. He tends to try and outdo others, mostly suceeding, beyond the point of merely winning by a hair.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Ari Wiriamu


The Night BladersEdit

Kairu Hitochi

Ari Wiriamu


Kairu Hitochi


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