Kenjustu Samurai 100 MSA is the evolved form of Hyper Samurai 105 F in Beyblade: Kenjustu Storm. It is also an attack type.

Face Bolt: SamuraiEdit

Blue metal face bolt depicting the ancient japanese warrior known as the Samurai.

Energy Ring: SamuraiEdit

Same as Unicorno energy ring except it's the same color as the Storm Aquario energy ring.

Fusion Wheel: KenjustuEdit

Exactly like Ray except with a different name.

Spin track: 100Edit

A dark blue 100 spin track.

Performance Tip: MSAEdit

Metal Sharp Attack. Like metal sharp, except the yellow is blue, and it moves in an attacking pattern. It is also based on Eternal sharp. It is great for both attack and stamina, but is an attack type performance tip.