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Crystal Valentine

Crystal Valentine is a member of Team Posion Fangs and she has Lady Venus's old bey Suicune (that Yuki gave to her).


She is a Hyper girl from China that joined Yuki into coming to Metal Bey city. She really wants to challenege Ginga (just like everyother blader) to see if he is like the rumors she has heard. Just like every Chinese girl (and Yuki) she has a crush on Chou Xin. When she beyblades she fights with a chinese style.


Her Bitbeast is the Ice Bitbeast Suicune that Yuki gave to her. It is a canine type bitbeast, Suicune is sky blue in color, with light blue rhombuses around the body. It has a white belly. Suicune has an aquamarine crest on its head which is in the shape of a parallelogram. Behind its crest is a purple mane with supposedly thick, smooth fur. Two white, ribbon-like tails sprout out from Suicune's back and constantly flow forward.

Special Move:Edit

Icicle Blast-Icicles appear out of the bey and traps the opponents Beyblade in a Icicle prision, making sure it cant move or get out.

Canine Bite: attack Ring spins at high speed and charges toward the opponents beyblade.


  • She has a crush on Chou Xin like Yuki, which is how she and Yuki became friends.
  • She has a rivarly with Masamune Kadoya or maybe a crush.