In 2009 two explorers were in a cave looking for the forbidden bey L-drago. They were brothers one wanted to put l-drago in a museum and the other wanted to use him competitively. Keny was the older brother who wanted to use l-drago and Mark wanted to get they bey exposed to non-bladers who would soon get into the sport. While in the cavern Keny felt a strong sense of power from the north and mark felt the same power from the west the brothers split up into their paths. About 10 minutes later Keny reached the temple of L-drago, he reached for the fossilized bey and nearly fell to his death. to Keny's excitement the power of l-drago saved him, he reached again towards l-drago and the bey sparked an orange energy beam through the cavern followed by three orange dragons. after a few seconds it all disappeared and the cavern began to shake and quake "MARK!!!!" Keny yelled. "Get out of the cavern!!" after a few moments of thought Keny grabbed l-drago and put it on his launcher, upon the moment he put l-drago on the launcher it transformed into a left-spin launcher. "LET IT RIP!!!!" Keny yelled. L-drago was released and