WARNING: The folowing section contains major spoilers about Beyblade: Kenjutsu Storm! Read at your own risk!

Episodes 7-10 of Beyblade: Kenjutsu Storm are a four part mini-series known as Dark Hunt.


ThunderX's dark side has taken control of his body, and wants to stay in control! In order to do that he must gather enough power by defeating strong Bladers! Meanwhile, Dolphin Jade and Sora Akatsuki follow him, and meet new companions to help along the way.

Episode 7 SummaryEdit

Gingka down!

ThunderX's dark side has jus taken control, and wants to stay in control! So, he tries to find Gingka to battle him. Meanwhile, Dolphin and Sora are following him to what he's up too. They soon meet Madoka, who was also trying to find Gingka, and she joins Dolphin and Sora. Soon, evil ThunderX finds Ginka and they battle. Even with the power of Galaxy Pegasus' special move, Dark ThunderX wins!

Episode 8 SummaryEdit

Is he undefeatable?

Dark ThunderX is still on the move, with Dolphin, Sora, Madoka, and Gingka in hot pursuit! Dark ThunderX challenges Hikaru, Kyoya, and Kenta to battle him, all at once! They accept. They begin battle. The three combine the powers of there special moves so they can defeat, but not even then can he be defeated! He defeats them all.

Episode 9 SummaryEdit

Burn Fireblaze turns up the heat!

Dark ThunderX is once again, on the move. But Dolphin and the gang (who have now been joined by Kenta and friends) are still following him! Soon, he finds Ryo and Masasume and challeges both of them to battle him at once! So, they do battle. Both sides seem evenly matched! Dolphin and the gang are cherring Ryo and Masasume on, but will it be enough?

Episode 10 SummaryEdit

A Blazing Finale!

The battle between Ryu and Masume against Dark ThunderX continues. The battle goes on for a long time, until Ryu and Masasume combine there special moves and defeat Dark ThunderX! ThunderX returns to normal and thanks the two of them, and asks if they can have a real battle sometime. Then, Sora and Dolphin come over and thank them for saving there friend. Then, the nine of them promise to see each other at the Kenjutsu Blade tournament in Kenjutsu Blade City.